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Animated Prostitution

Desciption: Animated Prostitution is an animation mod for Skyrim and was developed by Nexus user, JoshNZ. This mod allows you to have sex with NPCs.
Mod Developer: JoshNZ
Requirements: Skyrim Patch v1.9+


Animated ProstitutionSkyrim Nexus


  • You can have sex with almost all friendly NPCs.
  • You can let male NPCs have sex with your companion.
  • You can make almost any friendly NPC a companion.
  • You can pimp yourself on automatic mode for coinage. (Female players only ATM.)
  • You get Speechcraft experience for talking NPCs into it.
  • Has built-in strap-on to enable females to use male AP animations.
  • Can be used in either full bore or covert modes.
  • Has its own behavior files, allowing it to be run out of the box.
  • Can be made compatible with fore's work.


You must have Skyrim Patch 1.9 or above. (The CK was updated in V1.9 and I don't know if mods made with V1.9 CK will run on anything lower.) - SKSE ← Lets me use more comands. Use this. - Sky UI ← Better menus. - HDT HighHeels System ← Fix's the height on some animations if you are using a custom Skeleton.

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