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Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition

Desciption: Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition is a model and texture mod for Skyrim and was developed by Nexus user, Caliente.
Mod Developer: Caliente
Requirements: None


This is a Skyrim body replacer that replaces the base female body with one that is a little more curvacious. If you loved the HGEC bodies from Oblivion, you will feel right at home with this one – it is based on the proportions of that mod.

The body mesh is a completely custom mesh, at more than double the resolution of the vanilla Skyrim body. Included is a completely custom texture and reworked normal map to fit the body. Also redone are the mesh weights for animation, offering improved deformation in many poses.

Note to modders: If you wish to create armour/clothes for the 3.2 bodies, use the provided modders' resource meshes. These are identical to the 3.2 meshes, but have no BreastGravity applied; breast gravity on a clothed body looks bad, so don't use it.


CBBE comes with three main options for body shapes: Curvy, Slim, and Vanilla, and these also come in an optional 'nevernude' version. The nude textures are shaved, but there are mods and Caliente's Texture Blender for further options.

Curvy, known as 'standard', is based on the original CBBE, and comes with large breasts (D-H) and wider/fuller hips and bottom compared to the vanilla body.

Slim is a version of CBBE with smaller breasts (A-C) and hips. This can be found in the Options folder of the main download.

Vanilla is based on the Vanilla body, and made to work with CBBE textures. The breasts are lowered/reshaped to make them look more realistic, and go from C-E, while the waist is thicker than the other CBBE types, and the pelvic region shaped more 'typically'. This can be found in the Options folder.

Nevernude are the Curvy, Slim and Vanilla bodies that have underwear. These are found in the Options folder.

BodySlide An application that allows you to customise the body shape to have pretty much any proportions you want. This tool also has the Breast and Butt Physics option; if you wish to use T/BBP, you must install a T/BBP mod before you install any part of CBBE/BodySlide to prevent CTDs. Also for BodySlide is an 'Extra Presets' pack, which includes twenty presets where the shape is 80-90% identical to various Oblivion and Skyrim female body mods, such as HGEC, UNP, ADEC, etc.

CBBE Official Face Pack is for those who don't feel like searching for a decent face mod to go with the base CBBE textures. Also includes 'Eyebrows Match Hair' in two shades and three styles (six sets in total), and a 'dirt to beauty marks' option. This can be found in the Options folder in the main archive, and does not require the use of TexBend/TexBlendLite.



Visual Guides for Manual Installation

Nexus Mod Manager.
Download and install as you would any other NMM mod. This version comes with a FOMOD scripted installer to make it easier for you to install the body of your choice and the various options with the FacePack, should you also choose to use that. If you wish to fix seams with a non-CBBE face mod with TexBlendLite or use the BodySlide options, you will then need to use those tools separately after you installed the body.


Delete all the files you installed/use NMM to uninstall them. See 'Troubleshooting' for a list of what/where these files are. You may still need to uninstall files manually if you try uninstalling with NMM.


If you have an issue with TexBlendLite or BodySlide, reinstall and make sure you are running as admin/your Skyrim folder isn't 'read-only', and for BodySlide, ensure you have the latest version. If you still have issues, make sure you've run Skyrim through the Steam launcher at least once since installing, so that the game gets registered on your computer registry, which the utilities look to.

How should I report a problem not covered by the FAQ/Troubleshooting area?

  • A: Describe the problem, but also include: The body used (Curvy, Slim, Vanilla; Nude or Nevernude), and if you used any options in the BodySlide tool, such as BBP. Note that we are not mindreaders, so saying the 'textures are weird' doesn't help with troubleshooting your problem. A screenshot of the issue is required if there is a problem with how it looks.

Does this affect NPCs?

  • A: It's a female body mod. Of course it does.
  • A2: If you use a custom race mod, then you need to make sure you're installing all files for all races.

Is this/can you make this mod BBP/TBBP/JellyBoob compatible?

  • A: It's been BBP compatible for some time. You need to install a mod that provides BBP skeleton/animations, followed by the base CBBE body (allow overwrites), and then use the BodySlide utility to make the bodies compatible. You need to select 'CalienteBody BBP' in the outfit/body drop-down menu for it to work. See the BodySlide visual guide for help.
  • The next CBBE update should have all BBP files available in the main file. This means that you will be able to install BBP Curvy or Slim bodies without having to go hunting for other mods.

I installed correctly, but why have none of the female NPCs bodies changed?

  • A1: This is a body replacer, not an armour/clothing replacer. You'll need to download a CBBE compatible mod, such as Caliente's Vanilla Outfits for CBBE.
  • A2: You use a 'player has unique meshes/textures' mod, or a mod such as 'Unique Races' or 'Unique Everything'. You need to install the meshes and textures into all the folders these mods create.

I installed correctly, female NPC bodies have changed, but my character's body hasn't. Why?

  • A: If you play a custom race with its own unique meshes/textures folder, you will have to manually copy the CBBE files to replace them.

I installed correctly, but none of the bodies have changed. I do not use a modded race, nor any 'custom race' mods which give the races unique mesh/texture paths. How can I get this to work?

  • A1: Make sure your Skyrim is updated to the latest patch. There is no reason why a legit and up to date copy of Skyrim wont let you use the new meshes/textures.
  • A2: Check for conflicts. If you have any other mods that alter the female body in some way, they will prevent this mod from working.
  • A3: This tends to be an 'issue' with people who torrent the game. The only way to fix it is to buy the game off Steam, or get a retail version and verify it on Steam.

How do I remove npc clothing?

  • A1: Open the console (~ on US keyboards, ¬ on UK), click on the npc, type: unequipall
  • Hit enter, close console, npc is now naked. They will most likely re-dress when you leave the cell.
  • A2: Remove NPC Armour and Shirt script by overdriven_pickle
  • A3: Various follower mods allow you to change a follower's attire, or remove it completely.

How do I change my character's weight?

  • A1: Console, 'showracemenu'. This'll bring up the character creation screen. Close console to make your edits, and save. Use the 'tgm' command so you wont have to reload your save after. You'll need to use 'tgm' again once you're done.
  • A2: Console, 'player.setnpcweight 1-100'. 1 = smallest size, 100 = largest. This way prevents the makeup and warpaint from resetting.

How do I change npc weight?

  • A: Console, click on npc, type: setnpcweight 1-100. May cause bugs, most of which are resolved by changing cells.

Which face mods should I use?

  • A: Which ever one you like the most. CBBE has a face pack available that was made/compiled for CBBE. Popular ones are Bella's Better Females, MrLenski's Coverwomen, and SG Female Textures Renewal. Note that there will be an obvious colour difference should you use a 'dirty' face texture, like XCE, without a CBBE-compatible dirty body texture.

Can you make a body texture with pubic hair/tattoos/dirt/argonian support?

  • A: For various body features, use Caliente's Texture Blender to apply things such as pubic hair and tattoos. There are mods available that provide even more options. Argonian textures may come in the future.

Can you make X body shape?

  • A: You can make almost any kind of body shape with the BodySlide utility. If there is a slider you would like implemented, feel free to make a request.

How do I remove seams between the head and body?

  • A1: Use the TexBlendLite application included in the download.
  • A2: Download the full version of TexBlend and apply the fixes manually.
  • A3: Install a face texture mod that already has a 'CBBE NeckSeam fix' applied, such as the Official CBBE Face Pack.
  • Note: If the head is brown or grey regardless of the body skin tone, this is not a seam, but the dark head bug. See FAQ 15.

Why does my nude char have a gap at the hips with CBBEv3?

  • A1: You're not using CBBEv3-compatible textures. Please ensure that the textures you are using are ones for the CBBE body you installed; CBBE2 textures will not work with CBBE3 bodies, for instance. Also, again, only Khajiit textures are supported here for the time being, so Argonians will have the gaps if you haven't installed separate textures for them. See the CBBE Compatible Mods thread for other CBBE-compatible beast race skins.
  • A2: If you're using the BBP mod, as it has said several times in this, you need to install a BBP mod first. Cherry's mod uses CBBEv2 textures, UNPB uses vanilla-body compatible textures, and installing these on top of CBBE will just remove all of the CBBE mod anyway.

Why are there gaps (blank colour at hips) or misplaced textures when I equip vanilla clothing/armour or outfits made for other body mods?

  • A1: Vanilla clothing/armour hasn't been converted to fit to these bodies yet. When you equip the armour/clothes, you're using the vanilla body mesh, with CBBE's textures, and they don't match up. Vanilla armor and clothing replacers are available, although still WIP.
  • A2: With outfits for other body mods, like with vanilla outfits, the meshes change to fit the other body, but the textures remain CBBE.
  • A3: You are using outfits made for CBBEv2. CBBE v3.1 had a 'hip fix' in the, which made it partially compatible with v2 outfits. CBBEv3.2 does not have this hip fix, because it's harder to do without making the textures warp on the new high res textures. Contact the author of the outfit mod you're using, and ask them to update their mods. CBBEv3 has been out for a year, so they've had plenty of time before now to do so.

After using TexBlend, my character's face has large white/shiny blocky areas. How do I fix this?

  • A1: Disable compression in the texblend/setdefs/basehead.xml file. Open the file with NotePad/WordPad, look for the female head specular map and set <compresstex> from 1 to 0. (it's on line 35). Then reinstall the mod's head textures, and reapply texblend.
  • A2: Go to your Skyrim/Data/Textures/actors/character/female folder and delete It's not ideal, but it should fix the issue. The is the 'specular map', which controls how shiny or dull a face texture is. For a very small number of people, using TexBlend causes it to become buggy.
  • A3: For some people, a total reinstall of CBBE and the head texture of your choice fixes it.
  • A4: Usually this occurs with Bella's face texture #3. One user has said installing the 'no shine' option from that mod fixes it.

The face is so much darker than the body/I have the 'dark head bug'. How do I fix this?

  • A1: If the issue is with npcs, then you have changed their appearance in some way, either by editing them with the CK, or by installing a mod that changes NPC appearances; simply changing the hairstyle, or removing warpaint, will cause this bug. For a fix, go to the Apachii SkyHair mod, and follow the instructions in the description.
  • Also, it might have been done properly, but if the NPC was already in your save game with a different weight, the dark head bug will still occur as the NPC weight is baked in your save and the only way to fix it is to look in the CK to see what the new weight is, and perform a SetNPCWeight at the console on that NPC.
  • A2: If the issue is with your player character, then it's a more serious fault with no known cause, and there are no definitive fixes for it. One user has found that their video card kept default back to application settings, so be sure to check that to see if it's doing the same.
  • A3: You're using a face mod with dirty skin, or the vanilla face textures. As the CBBE textures are clean, this means there will be an obvious colour/shade mismatch. Install a different face mod, or a dirty body texture to fix this.

Why am I getting black body textures after playing for a while?

  • A: This should no longer happen if you have kept up to date with the files, and have a decent system. If you still get this issue, then you simply don't have enough memory available. It is suggested for a gaming computer you have at least 8GB RAM, a video card with at least 1GB, and a decent CPU with high Ghz (3.0Ghz or more) as Skyrim will only use one core at once unless you follow the steps in this tweak guide. If you are unable to upgrade your system, then there are low, medium and high res textures in the optional files you can try instead of the 'ultra' textures in the main download.

Why am I getting purple/pink/blue textures?

  • A1: You didn't install the textures.
  • A2: Your computer can't handle the ultra textures (See FAQ Q16). Use one of the lower resolution ones.

When my character goes in shadows in the day time, she gets a strange pinkish glow to her body/how do I fix the red 'ant trails' caused by standing between two or more light sources?

  • A1: Located the file, open it in Photoshop/GIMP/Paint.NET, and colour it black. Save and you're done.
  • A2: Install this mod.

When my character goes in outside in the day time, her head becomes much lighter than her body. How do I fix this?

  • A: Go to your Skyrim/data/textures/actors/character/female folder and delete any files you find.

Why does TexBlend fail and say 'Failed to save Color/Normalmap/Specular output' when I go to fix seams?

  • A: You need to install a head texture first that has a, a, and a, and a for all female humanoid races. This is not the case with the NMM version, as if you do not have a face mod installed, it will install the default Skyrim vanilla head textures (Note that these are the original textures, not the HRT DLC ones, and thus will be blocky. A face retexture mod is highly recommended.). If TexBlendLite (included in the CBBEv3 download) doesn't work, download and use the full version of TexBlend.
  • A2: You have a face mod that does not support all female humanoid races, most commonly the orc and woodelf females. Install a mod that does support them, or create the necessary folders and copy over the file from another folder.

BodySlide fails to create the bodies I make. How can I get the meshes installed?

  • A: Make your changes to the sliders, and then Ctrl+Click the 'Create Bodies' button. The femalebody_0.nif and femalebody_1.nif will then appear in the BodySlide folder. You will then need to copy these to your Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/character assets directory, and allow any overwrites.

Why am I getting CTDs (Crashes to Desktop) whenever I use a body with BBP (Breast and Butt Physics) enabled?

  • A1: You haven't installed BBP but you have installed the BBP-compatible meshes.
  • A2: You have installed BBP, which comes with a lot of its own bugs. The best you can do is report it to the mod author (not here, as Caliente has no control over the animations) and not use a body with BBP for now.
  • A3: You have installed BBP, but installed it after CBBE.
  • A4: You installed BBP, then changed your mind and went to uninstall it. Check the BBP mod for the exact files it adds, remove -all- of them from your Skyrim/Data directory, then reinstall CBBE, including any non-BBP options you used with BodySlide.

After I install, my game crashes whenever I take a NPC's clothing/armour off. Why?

  • A: There is nothing in this mod that would cause your game to crash. Be sure that you don't have any additional body mods (anything that affects the female skeleton, remnants of old body mods that haven't been properly uninstalled), reinstall, and try again. If you use a BodySlide body, make sure you have updated BodySlide to the latest version.

After installing, my game crashes after playing for a while. Why does this happen?

  • A1: Check all the other mods you installed around the same time you installed CBBE. One of them is the problem. Many mods can bring in their own issues that add to Skyrim's own bugs, causing game instability.
  • A2: Make sure you have suitable hardware for running high res textures and high-poly meshes for an extended period of time, and that it is all up to date. See this page for Skyrim system requirements, as well as a list of graphics cards and what the recommended graphics settings are for each. If your hardware still meets or exceeds these, check to see if any are faulty - a faulty graphics card that should work will cause crashing.

Baww, this mod causes my game to crash!

  • A: No, it doesn't. There is nothing in this mod that would cause your game to crash, unless, like pointed out in the previous two Q/As, your hardware isn't good enough, you have mods than add to the game's instability, or you are using the BBP skeleton. Check your mods.

There's been an update/DLC and when I try to use the new animations my char stands with her arms and legs spread out. Why?

  • A: The animations use the character's skeleton. CBBE only changes the meshes/textures. Check your mods. Usually this problem happens when you use a BBP skeleton or even a mod like FNIS, so you will need to take it up with the author of those mods.

Nexus Mod Manager keeps saying it's unable to find the file, or stops downloading at a certain percentage. How do I get it to work?

  • A: Questions and bug reports about NMM should be directed to the forums. We do not have any control over NMM, and if there is a problem with downloading with it, there is nothing we can do. Neither Caliente nor Jeir use NMM to install mods, so any help we can give will most likely be second hand.
  • A1: You can try downloading the mod in the normal manner, by clicking on the blue download link rather than the green NMM download button, then use NMM to install it as normal.
  • A2: You can also try going to your Skyrim/mods directory, deleting the files which reference those you're having troubles with, and try downloading again.

I can't download the files with or without NMM! How do I get this mod!

  • A: As with NMM issues, site issues belong in the forum. We do not own the Nexus, and have no control over it. If you can't download a file, there's nothing we can do but suggest you 'try again later'.

What face/hair/eye texture does Caliente use in her images and will she release saved games of her characters?

  • A: For her latest pictures, she uses the CBBE Face Pack (as it says in the image title, funnily enough), Apachii SkyHair, More Freckles and Natural eyes. For one character she used RANs Headhmesh Variants Type B. For her older ones, she used Better Females #3. She intends on releasing her saved games at some point, but can't right now due to the saves of the characters having been used for a lot of mod testing, and thus may be unstable (and not at level 1 outside Helgen, which is the preferred type of saved game.)

Where can I download CBBEv1/v2?

  • A: You can't. They don't exist any more, and they will never return. They were deleted some time ago because people seemed to not understand what 'Old Files' were, and kept thinking they should install those instead of the Main Files. In other words, they were removed because not only were they obsolete, but also so people wouldn't get confused by having more than a couple of downloads.
  • Don't ask for v1/v2 to come back. CBBEv3 is superior in every way, and if the modded outfits you download and install have issues with the textures, ask the author of the mod to update their files.

When will this get Dawnguard support?

  • A: CBBEv3.2 has some basic vampire support, in the form of head textures.

Where did the supporting mods list go? Why was it moved?

  • A: Mod descriptions have a character limit. Thus, the Supporting Mods section has now been made a 'Discussions' topic - look for the CBBE Compatible Files thread. There are more than 350 CBBE-related mods there.

I used TexBlend/TexBlendLite on the CBBE Official Face Pack, and...

  • A: Stop. There is never any need to use TexBlend or TexBlendLite if you have CBBEv3.2 and the FacePack v1.3 installed. Never. Here is an image of Caliente's character without any ENB or FXAA, in vanilla lighting. No seam. The blend file has already been applied, and you're just wasting your time doing something that isn't necessary, and has never been necessary since the very first version of the FacePack.
  • If you somehow still have some kind of 'neck seam', then there is no definite fix. Some have suggested it's an ENB config issue. Or an issue with Enhanced Lighting or a similar such mod. Or even that they have files from an old face mod which had a file, which needs to be deleted. Or it's even a computer or game engine bug.

TexBlendLite stops working and brings up an error about a missing orc or woodelf file. How do I fix this?

  • A: Very few face modders support all the humanoid races for some reason. You can open up the CBBE FacePack files and simply extract the needed ones into place, or go searching for a mod that adds normal maps for the missing races.
  • Caliente is aware of the issue, knowing missing files weren't a problem for the last version of TexBlendLite, and will work on the issue when she can.


If the mod appears not to be working, the most common cause is incorrectly placed files. Please ensure the files below are in the correct place. Also, if all else fails, try removing all other mods prior to installing CBBE. If it works, then you likely had a conflict of some kind with another mod. You can figure out which one by installing your mods one at a time and checking to see which one breaks CBBE.

The files you're looking for are:

  • Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/female/
  • Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/female/
  • Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/female/
  • Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/female/
  • Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/female/
  • Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/female/
  • Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/female/
  • Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/female/
  • Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/female/
  • Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/female/
  • Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/femaleold/
  • Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/femaleold/
  • Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/femalekhajiit/
  • Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/femalekhajiit/
  • Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/femalekhajiit/
  • Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/femalekhajiit/
  • Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/character assets/femalebody_0.nif
  • Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/character assets/femalebody_1.nif
  • Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/character assets/femalehands_0.nif
  • Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/character assets/femalehands_1.nif
  • Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/character assets/femalefeet_0.nif
  • Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/character assets/femalefeet_1.nif
  • Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/character assets/1stpersonfemalehands_0.nif
  • Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/character assets/1stpersonfemalehands_1.nif
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