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Natural Breast Animation

Desciption: Natural Breast Animation an animation mod for Skyrim and was developed by Nexus user, DarkAngel1265.
Mod Developer: DarkAngel1265
Requirements: None


These animation will replace the vanilla walk, run, sprint and Idle animation (unarmed). Note that the breasts in the Idle are static, I just modified the file a bit to blend well with the walk and the run. It will also apply to all female NPCs.




Copy the data folder in your Skyrim folder. It will add (or overwrite) any animation related with the unarmed walk, run, sprint and Idle. This mod is obviously incompatible with all other mod that modifies the same animation files. You must have a Body mesh that supports breast animation, like CHSBHC. You can find some of those mesh here:

You can also search for “BBP” to find armors, clothing and bodies compatible with this mod.

Known issues

Camera flips from time to time.

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