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Two Handed animations redone

Desciption: Two Handed animations redone is an animation mods for Skyrim and was developed by Nexus user, PLZAXBB.
Mod Developer: PLZAXBB
Requirements: None


  • This is really basic mod that changes some animations for Two-Handed GREATSWORDS to animations from their one-handed counterparts… Combat now IMHO seems somewhat more fluid and less like drunken apes fighting with sticks.
  • This is not a final version… some animations are a littlebit off (bwd power attack, power atack right), however I still thought that they looked a lot better then original ones.
  • This mod only works for two-handed swords.
  • I originally created this for my personal use, however it seemed solid enough so I shared it with you ;)
  • Also - if you dislike sprinting animation, you can easily remove it by deleting the following file: Skyrim/Data/Meshes/actors/character/animations/2hm_sprintforwardsword.hkx



Install using Nexus Mod Manager or extract to your /data folder.

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